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    Announcement: Official Server Rules !



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    Announcement: Official Server Rules !

    Post by tdejgfsdj on Fri May 19, 2017 6:31 pm

    This rules must be followed by everyone, otherways there will be consequences .

    • Adverstiment in any kind of way is not allowed, nor excusable

    • Hacks are not allowed.

    • Car Parking is not allowed.  [Killing someone with car]

    • Helicopter Blade killing is not allowed.  [Killing someone with heli blade]

    • C-bug not allowed.

    • By playing on the server you are expected to agree with the rules and to not break them.

    Playing here is voluntary and free which means the server owners and admins are doing you a favor, the only thing we expect in return is to play by the rules.

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