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    Status Refund Guide ( FORMAT )



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    Status Refund Guide ( FORMAT )

    Post by tdejgfsdj on Fri May 19, 2017 7:03 pm

    our Administrative Help and Support section we intend to get a lot of people asking for their status back either they've lost account information or for getting their cash and score back and that isn't an issue. If you're in need of a status refund please read this.

    How to get my status back ?
    You can get your status back by posting a small application and filling it out with your in-game information/picture. It won't take more than 2 minutes to complete it.
    Do i need proof ?
    YES!!! If you've lost your status in-game you won't be intitled to a status refund due to not showing evidence of you having the amount of money or score in-game, as fare as our admin team know you could be telling us lies and we (admins) could get into bother.
    What kind of proof do i need ?
    Any proof from photos (screen shots) to videos will do perfect since you're gathering up evidence and showing it to us.

    Please fill out this application along with the evidence if you've lost your status.
    In-game name:
    Date of loosing it:
    Proof (Images or videos):

    Note - If you don't show enough evidence your application will be rejected

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